Dickens Titles


    The interactive lesson on the topic “Dickens Titles” with team participation of the students of the 8 form took place on February 1, 2012. The lesson was organized and conducted by Astghik Virabyan and Hamsik Soghomonyan.
    The objective of the lesson was essentially educational, i.e. to introduce the topic, enrich general vocabulary on the topic, and provide additional information on the topic. The main aim of the lesson was reached as the students showed their speaking and reading skills   and came to realizing the great need of reading.  
    The Methodology used was to develop lexical speech patterns among students, practice reading for gist, develop reading skills, incite creative and analytical thinking, advance language proficiency by mastering quotations and glimpses of biography.
    The lesson was dedicated to the celebration of bicentenary of the birth of Charles Dickens one of the greatest English Language writers. Charles Dickens was the writer who knew the power of the word and the power of fiction to express the hopes and dreams, fears and frustrations of the life as we live it.
    The students presented the glimpses of the biography of the writer, analysis of the literary style and the main characters created by the distinguished writer and his famous quotations. Speaking skills of the students proved to be fluent and advanced. They succeed in reading for gist as well. The students were able to come to conclusions, interact and communicate actively. The work on the new words found its logical implementation in reading for gist and matching the titles with the texts.