“My Native Country”



    An interactive lesson on the topic of “My Native Country” was conducted by Virabyan A.R.  with the students of the VIII/6 form .
    The  school authorities, teachers and guests from the National Institute of Education were present.
    The aim of the lesson:

    1. To develop skills to make research using variety of technologies

    2. To demonstrate knowledge, skills and abilities to manage information and apply it in verbal communication.

    Technologies used:

    1. smart board, b) projector, c) computer

     The students answered the questions connected with the objectives of studying English from the point of globalization. The study of English is closely linked with the urgency to represent our national traditions, customs and historical facts worldwide. They briefly introduced the collected information presenting it on the smart board. The participants demonstrated
    advanced knowledge of English, fluent speech in communication. Thus, the lesson was a huge success.   





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