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    Dear visitor,
    My name is Ruzanna Gyulumyan. I have been working at school N 55 after A. Chekhov since 2001. I have graduated from ERICTA and have master's degree. I attended IEP Program at AUA in 2003. I received a certificate of TKT Module 1 Program in 2012.
    I appreciate my job and understand the importance of it. I understand that one of the most important aspects of any society is the youngest generation, they represent the future and the direction that society will take. Teachers are an extremely important facet of any society. Teachers are the people who educate the youth who in turn become the leaders of the next generation. So, Iwant to teach and help children develop their knowledge so that they can go on in life and be responsible and productive members of society. A teacher should make a pupil realize the value in learning and a solid education is doing a great service not only to that child, but also to society in general. The more that kids want to learn and the smarter that they are, the better a society will develop.


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