Interactive Lesson in the 8/6 grade

    On March 15, an interactive lesson was conducted in the 8/6 grade by English teachers A.R. Virabyan and H. V. Soghomonyan. The topic of the lesson was “Travelling.”

    The lesson objectives were to develop all four interrelated communication skills and to revise the language of describing places.
    The students conversed about the means of travelling, accommodation, sights and impressions made throughout these processes. They presented quotations about travelling. To make the lesson more interactive they performed the dialogues describing different stages of travelling. They were involved in a guided visualization connected with the topic of England. In the end, they worked on the worksheets highlighting the icons that represent England and our native country.

    All the students have done their best and proved that they are able to converse about travelling in English. They have revised the language of describing places and have demonstrated all communication skills. Other teachers of English and some parents were also present during the students’ presentations.



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