Seven Facts about Yerevan

    What are the most beautiful streets in Yerevan? What about the buildings? And do you know any honorary citizens of Yerevan?

    Well, students 8-4 have the answer to these questions. 

    They were divided into 3 groups to complete the web-quest project.The first group- Inna, Milena, Arthur, Mariam, Davit and Elen- studied the buildings they consider the most beautiful, the second group- Evita, Zhan, Samvel, Mary and Eduardo- studied the lives of honorary citizen, and the third group- Yana, Ashot, Margarita and Anahit- studied the beautiful streets, parks and squares. 

    The students took the photos and analysed the material on the web. Then each group made a PowerPoint presentation with the material they gathered and pictures they took.





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