An Event Organized in the 7 grade on 26 April 2017

    The event devoted to William Shakespeare was organized on April, 26, 2017. This lesson was conducted by A. Virabyan, H. Soghomonyan and A. Abrahamyan. The main participants were the pupils of the 7 grade. The event was full with the audience of different interests, such as the authorities and teachers of the school and also many parents.  

    The motto of the event was “All the World is a Stage and All the People are Merely Actors.” The students presented interesting facts of the writer’s life, sonnets in English and Russian. The finale was the performance from “King Lear”. The pupils were active and proved to be capable of presenting fluent and correct English with proper intonation and pronunciation. Touching upon the creative power of Shakespeare ‘s works encompassed the students in the depths of the English language, helped to develop their creative talents and love towards literature and art.

    The evening was a great success and everybody enjoyed it.



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