Description of the lesson conducted on 8 December with the pupils of 6/6 Grade.
    Teachers: Virabyan A.R. and Soghomonyan H.V.

    Virabyan A.R. and Soghomonyan H.V. conducted an interactive lesson with the pupils of the 6/6 grade on 8 December2016.
    Theme of the lesson :Hobbies and different pastimes.
    IT used at the lesson: computer and smartboard.
    The aim of the lesson: develop pupils’ skills to get new information and skillfully use it in verbal communication, concentrate the pupils’  attention while using modern technologies.
    The pupils presented their different hobbies describing their pastime, acted out dialogues on the topic. The pupils were active presenting proverbs and solving riddles. Their speech was clear, distinct and quite artistic.
    The aim of the lesson was reached. The pupils proved that they are able to express their thoughts intelligibly, with right intonation and pronunciation, and understand the ideas they use in verbal communication. 




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