A Trip To London And To Yerevan


    On the 18th of December the pupils of the 5"3" grade hosted a lesson inviting the headmaster, their teachers and parents to it. The lesson was organized by their teachers of the English language Gayane Khachatryan and Manan Aghabekyan. The topic chosen for the lesson was travelling, and as such the pupils made a virtual trip to two capital cities, first to London, then to Yerevan.

    Before starting the trip the pupils were first to decide which place best suited their interests. So they discussed and revealed interesting facts about Yerevan and London. Then they were divided into two groups to go in two different directions: to London and to Yerevan. And on they went.

    During the "city tour" the guides, aka their classmates Maria and Michael, revealed some historic and cultural facts about the cities by asking the "travellers" questions about the famous sights (Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace, the Globe Theatre, the Matenadaran, the Opera House and the Cascade).

    After the trip the pupils recited quotes about Yerevan and London by famous people, and at the end of the lesson they sang a song about travelling.






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